Swaccha Services


SWACHHA SERVICES is providing all types of housekeeping, Industrial deep cleaning, system cleaning, technical cleaning, hospital and O T cleaning, roof cleaning and high rise building cleaning services.

UGAM CHEMICALS, LEADER PAINTS MARKETING and PRAGAT PAINT INDUSTRIES are specialist of Thermal Insulation Energy Saving Coating, Fire Retardant Coatings / Fireproof Paints, Heat Resistant Paints (Up to 1800 Deg C), Heat Reflective Paints, Waterproof & Elastomeric Coatings, Anticorrosive Paints, Chemical Resistant Paints, Industrial Floor & Road Marking Paints, Synthetic Enamel Paints, Acrylic Sealants and Other Industrial Paints. This technology of our Paint is based on Ceramic Micro-spheres which are used by N A S A for making tiles to cover space shuttles for thermal insulation and which are hollow and having vacuumed inside. We are the pioneers of these coatings and are unique coatings in India. UGAM CHEMICALS is I S O - 9001:2015 Company and registered under S. S. I.

Our History

Our Managing Director, Mr. Nitin Shah is a technocrat, Surface Coating Technologist and management expert having more than thirty four years experience out of which he has worked in U.S.A., GERMANY and GULF for ten long years contributing to Research and Development of many products related to paints, resins and cultured marble in the capacity of GENERAL MANAGER of limited company.

Since returning back to India in 1996, he is associated with this group and has developed many exclusive products for Indian market which are being widely used. Our specialized products include UGAM INSULMIX, UGAM FIRE RETARDANT PAINTS, FIRE RESISTANT PAINTS, ROAD MARKING COLD APPLICATION PAINTS, WATER REPELLANTS, and UGAM THINNER FOR ENAMELS, etc.

UGAM INSULMIX is tested at V. J. T. I. Mumbai, National Coating Corporation California, and other laboratories in U. S. we strictly follow A S T M standards and our products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects.

Our group turnover is around Rs. TWENTY crore and we are in the process of exporting our products to Gulf. We have our main office at Pune and branches at Solapur, Aurangabad, and Jalgaon in Maharashtra, at Coimbatore operating for Kerala and Tamilnadu states, at Ahmadabad operating for Gujarat and Rajasthan states, Noida operating for Delhi, Haryana states, Chandigarh operating for Punjab and M. P., Kolkata operation for West Bengal, Orisa.

Finally ours is a fast expanding group and with your co-operation we will be representing all states with our exclusive import substitute products soon. We have demonstrated our strength of supplying specific products for specific requirement to satisfy the needs of our esteem clients.

What We Provide?

In service type our SWACHHA SERVICES provides all type of cleaning and maintenance services. We are specialized in Deep Cleaning, System cleaning, House keeping and general cleaning services. Apart from this we are also providing general maintenance services such as painting, plumbing, electrical maintenance etc. We are the only company in India where we have appointed trained Engineers as Area-Incharge in our organization structure. These engineers help to observe dust, suggest the measures to control the dust, Keep track of daily dust record and compare and report to management for further action. With involvement of Surface Coating Technologists and Engineers we are able to maintain the dust count far below expected levels of all automobile manufactures and are appreciated by all companies where we are working or have worked for.

In painting, we undertake all supply and application of our specialized coatings to minimum 50000 square feet. For exterior and high rise buildings, we do painting with articulated boom, airless spray equipments, other material handling equipments, automatic paint stirring equipments etc. We have edge over conventional painting in terms of time and quality for the painting. We have fleet of 90 painters only for painting work all over India.

Why Choose Us?

We offer our clients a quality range of Industrial Cleaning Services,Industrial Fire Resistant Paints which has gain prominence in this competitive market. Over the years, we have been able to carve a distinct position due to the following reasons:

  • We have a network of around 1200 dealers across the nation
  • Stringent quality check
  • Quick responses to queries
  • Ethical business practices
  • Complete transparency in working
  • On time delivery of consignments
  • Industry leading prices
  • Excellent after sales support